Chapter 6 of the online edition of our vRealize Automation 7 book is now available for free – Designing and Configuring an Enterprise Cloud Solution


Chapter 6 – VMware vRealize Automation: this chapter covers the Design and Configuration of an Enterprise Cloud Solution with vRealize Automation 7:

We have already discussed the architecture of a vRealize Automation environment in chapter two. Many topics, including the physical, conceptual and logical design have been covered. These design documents helped us to set up a vRealize Automation environment.

However, in order to proceed with the configuration of vRealize Automation, we again need to shift our focus towards the design aspects of implementing a vRealize Automation platform. This chapter will help you to understand these fundamental design concepts. In the following, we will focus on the different components as well as on security aspects. For the most part, this chapter deals with describing the building blocks within a vRealize Automation environment. Afterwards, it will end up with discussing a couple of further design aspects. This chapter will only focus on design issues. The implementation itself will be described in the following chapters.

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • About automation layers.
  • Using reservation policies.
  • Tenant design.

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