Setting up vSphere 8

I am currently in my Ausbildung as an IT specialist for Fachinformatikerin Systemintegration. The goal should be that I further educate myself in the area of VMware. Since vSphere 8 has been released recently, we thought it would be a good exercise to install vSphere 8. We had three Shuttle Barebone SW580R8 at our disposal.

So the first thing I did was sit down and put all three servers together.

After this was done and we had three functional servers, it was time to put the operating system on them.

So I sat down and installed ESXi on all three machines one by one. Through this whole exercise I am now very familiar with the whole installation.

Now that all servers had the right operating system, we had to connect them with a switch so that they can communicate with each other.

Now came the next big challenge, namely the installation of vCenter. The corresponding preparations like domain controller and the network were already done. This means that I had to enter the appropriate values into the installer.

This went without any problems and I managed to deploy the vCenter. In the end I only had to add the host in vSphere and then I was done.

The installation was a challenge for me as a beginner, but I really enjoyed working with real hardware. From assembling the server to installing the individual applications. I was able to learn a lot and gain a lot of experience.

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