Online edition of our vRealize Automation 7 book will be available for free


In the last two years, we published the very first book on vRealize Automation. Both of them – the first one in German (available here) and the second one in English (available here) – were quite successful and well received.

With the new vRealize Automation 7 version released in December 2015, we are updating our book right now. It will be massively extended and will become a real compendium including many real-life use cases for building a cloud environment based on VMware’s vRealize product suite.

Right now, we have already finished large parts of the books. Updating the book is sometimes a lot of work – especially when working on new topics and design sections – and sometimes it is quite straightforward.

With the new edition, we want to we want to break new ground: an online edition will be available for free and we will publish new chapters continuously on our blog cloudadvisors as soon as the formatting and correcting is finished. People who prefer a printed copy, will still be able to purchase it: we will publish a printed version as soon the book is completed.

Why we are doing this? Well in short, there are three different reasons for that. First of all, writing a book is a very time-consuming process and we just don’t want everybody have to wait until the whole book is finished. Secondly, it will be possible for our readers to comment on the contents and thus contribute to the book. Last, but not least, there is a real great community for vRealize Automation right now and we want to contribute to this community.

Each chapter will be uploaded as HTML once it is finished as well as in a PDF version for those who want to read it on their tablets.
You can expect a new chapter to be available every second week, so keep checking regularly.


Chapter 2 available for reading. Click here.

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