Tanzu Vanguard Community

The Tanzu Vanguard community is a group of experts and thought leaders in the field of modern application development. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including software development, IT operations, and business leadership. The community is focused on the use of Tanzu, a set of technologies and services for building, running, and managing modern applications on a variety of platforms. Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services offered by VMware, a company that specializes in virtualization and cloud computing.

VMware is the leading provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions. The company’s flagship product, VMware vSphere, is a widely used platform for virtualizing data centers and the cloud. In addition to vSphere, VMware offers a wide range of other products and services, including vCloud, vRealize, and vSAN.

The VMware Tanzu portfolio is a new addition to VMware’s product line, specifically focused on modern applications. It includes tools and services such as Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) which allows to create and manage Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure, Tanzu Observability which allows you to troubleshoot and monitor your applications and infrastructure and Tanzu Mission Control that allows centralizing and managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across different infrastructures.

One of the main benefits of the Tanzu Vanguard community is the ability to network with other experts in the field and share knowledge and experiences. Personally, I met some very nice people through the community when we met at VMware Explore in Barcelona. Members have access to exclusive content and resources, as well as the opportunity to attend events and webinars. The community also provides a platform for members to share their own expertise and thought leadership.

Joining the Tanzu Vanguard community is not only an opportunity to connect with other experts and gain valuable knowledge, but it also offers a unique rewards program that allows members to collect swag points and receive very nice rewards. It’s a great way to stay engaged and motivated, as well as to showcase your involvement and expertise in the field of modern application development.

As a member of this community, I can absolutely recommend joining. It provides a wealth of valuable information and resources, as well as the opportunity to connect with other experts in the field. If you’re interested in modern application development or deployment, the Tanzu Vanguard community is definitely worth checking out.

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