My teaching assignment at the university

In the winter semester 2022/23, I took over the lectureship for the subject Virtualization and Container Technology at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Thus, I was no longer the student, but stood in front as a lecturer and taught. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Jens Söldner for the recommendation and the possibility to teach the subject.

I started the course with the basics of Linux. The goal was to teach the students how to use the command line. Building on this, I continued with the basics in Docker, so that the students could start their first containers.
For the virtualization part, I decided to introduce VMware to the students. On the one hand, VMware offers a very large ecosystem of products and on the other hand, it is used productively in many companies. This gives the students an additional advantage in their later professional life, because they could already gain experience with VMware products.

As a basis I used the resources from the VMware IT Academy. With the ‚VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage‘ I was able to quickly give the students an overview of virtualization. Since time was limited, we could only cover selected topics, such as installing ESXi and the basics of working with vSphere. To gain some practical experience I used the Hands-on Labs provided by VMware. Overall, VMware offers a lot of opportunities to get learning resources and environments for free.

Overall, the teaching assignment was very successful and I was able to impart some knowledge to the students. If I have the chance to teach again next semester, my goal would be to expand the VMware part. I would like to install ESXi on real servers together with the students and then install vSphere to manage the installed ESXi hosts.


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