The transition from a „local“ based to a fully flexible digital working environment

Due the global pandemic Covid-19, the working environment we were used to has been changed. Home-Office is not a foreign word anymore. Companies are seeking for suitable IT-solutions to provide all the need of the employees, while they work at home. One of these needs is a user-friendly and Unified-Endpoint-Management system to not only provide secure access to corporate digital content, also covering the Lifecycle-Management and enforce the corporate policies for company and private devices. VMware wants to cover this services with Workspace ONE as a platform for digital Workspace.

One of the core components of Workspace ONE is the Unfied-Endpoint-Management (UEM), comprising Enterprise-Mobile-Management (EMM) and Mobile-Device-Management (MDM), which allows a centralized administration and life cycle management of trusted endpoint devices within the corporate environment across various platforms. It also provides the administration and management of endpoint applications, configurations (secure contents) and E-Mails.

The concept of modern Life-Cycle-Management includes the following services:

  • Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Android)
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Analytics and automation
  • Open ecosystem with API-integrations
  • Real-time management
  • Ready-to-work user experience

Workspace ONE Access, as the second core component, is responsible for managing users, groups and entitlements (resource catalog). An important part of the Workspace ONE Access is the configuration of authentications and conditional access policies to virtual applications and desktop resources. The following reference architecture illustrates an overview of a cloud based implementation (VMware Horizon Cloud) to cover the needs and ensure a mobile and digital working environment.

Source: VMware – Tech Zone


Workspace ONE combines the core components, UEM and Access to provide a centralized Endpoint-Management-Solution with various tools to meet the industry standards and requirements to provide a digital workspace environment in this challenging time.

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