DataCore Swarm as Storage Repository for vSphere Backups with Veeam Backup and Replication

In times were Ransomware gets more and more active it gets necessary to prevent backups from being touched by Ransomware. This can be achieved with S3 immutability in DataCore Swarm. Recently DataCore Swarm got 2 Veeam Ready confirmations. One for being tested as S3 target and the other as S3 target with immutability enabled.

Veeam Backup and Replication has the possibility to configure a S3 bucket as backup target. S3 protocol brings the immutability feature. This means the backup jobs can lock the objects written of those corresponding jobs for a specified time. Then there is no chance to delete or encrypt these objects because they are locked in case Ransomware gets active. Infected machines can be restored from that backup. They should remain sandboxed until it is sure that they weren’t infected at the time the backup ran. With this procedure all infected machines can be restored to get to a point where no infected machine remains.

DataCore Swarm brings object scalability and flexibility on-prem with minimized administration work. It is SDS for object which is completely decoupled from hardware. The complete control over the data is in the hand of the customer. Prizing is fixed/predictable and not as unpredictable as in public cloud. Data integrity is very important and it is assured that data are consistent and available over decades. Because of this very high durablilty can be achieved. Performance and capacity can be scaled linear with expansion of discs or nodes.

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