Evaluating AzureStack HCI in a nested environment

I first came across the new version of AzureStack HCI in a publication in the 09/2020 issue of the German iX magazine, the premium periodical on Enterprise IT in the German media landscape. According to them, Microsoft provided the new „v2“ version of AzureStack HCI with a new technical foundation, a new host operating system that is no longer Windows Server 2019, but something different. Using AzureStack HCI on certified hardware, you can create entire farms of hyperconverged clusters and manage them directly from Azure through Azure Arc, a family of technologies I’m very passionate about. Luckily, I have spare hardware (a Supermicro box with 128 GB of RAM and a 2 TB SSD) in my home lab and found a very detailed evaluation guide where Matt McSpirit describes how to set up AzureStack HCI in a nested environment (physical or in the Azure cloud).

The first step is to set up my physical box … 

Installing Windows Server 2019 on the Supermicro box

Setting up Windows Server 2019 as the host operating system for a nested AzureStack HCI lab

I’ll describe my experience following along the tutorial in subsequent blog posts.

What about Azure Stack Hub?

Also, it’s time to re-evaluate the Azure Stack Hub Development kit – last time I used it was in 2018. My Azure User Group co-leader Alexander and I played around with it during that time and both passed the beta exam of the Azure Stack Hub 70-537 exam back them. Time to refresh, but some more powerful hardware is needed for this project.

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