Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Pushing and starting a sample Spring Boot app into PCF

After quite some time we will now continue our Pivotal Cloud Foundry blog series. Today we will push a small exemplar Java Spring Boot App into PCF. In order to do this we have to prepare either a .war-file or a .jar-file. How this is done, will be shown in the next blog entry. For now we will push the already prepared .jar-file into PCF. This is done via the cf push command:

The parameters -p denote the path, i.e. the file name, -m the memory limit for the app, –random-route lets PCF set the hostname and
with –no-start the app has to be started explicitly.

That being successful, the app can now be started with „cf start appname“

And that’s already all to have an app running:


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