Windows 10 Mobile – shortcuts and tips

Since we are engaged actively in consulting work and training delivery for EMM/MDM vendors like VMware AirWatch and Citrix XenMobile, to name but a few, I’ve started to use Windows 10 Mobile on a Microsoft Lumia 950.

Since I’ve been using Apple iPhone for quite a while and its user interface is extremely user friendly, I’m struggling quite a bit with the UI of Windows 10 mobile. So, I’ve decided to complile a list of useful things to know about this mobile operating system. The list is a work in progress and should grow as I learn.

The basics:

  1. How to switch between apps and kill apps on Windows 10 mobile:
    Once you found the functionality, it’s very simple. Just press and hold the back button until the App switcher opens up. Once there, you can either swipe down the app to close it or press the close button.
    Credits go to this blog that also features a short tutorial.
  2. Taking screenshots on Windows 10 Mobile: in order to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile, go to the screen or app that you want to capture in the screenshot. Then, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.
    Credits go to this blog.

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